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Finding your inner child

Updated: Jun 20

Inside ourselves lives our inner child. He, or she, is the combination of our innate potential and the memories and experiences of our childhood. By connecting with yours you tap into your potential and regain the ability to view life with possibility and faith. Here are some ideas to help you find and connect with your inner child.

Be aware. Awareness enable us to rediscover our senses and invites us to live in the here and now. As children we used to live in the present, living through our senses, experiencing life through smells, colors, shapes, touch, sounds and flavors. Take a break from planning, thinking, analyzing and enjoy the moment.

Be joyful. Joy combines happiness, delight and feeling successful. One way to welcome joy into your life is to find activities that make you happy. Give yourself permission to feel delighted and feel successful.

Be playful. Playing is another way to connect with our inner child. Find some time to engage in play, sometimes it is useful to play with children and let them teach you how to play again. In play anything is possible, and you can imagine a better world, just try to loose yourself in the activity of play and stop judging it.

Be creative. Creativity is the ability to create something new, remember we are all creative beings by nature. To connect with your inner child put a creative spin on your life, try doing things in a different way. Follow your own direction and don’t be afraid of making mistakes along the way.

Be authentic. Being honest and true to yourself requires that you take the time to really know yourself, you can start by asking simple questions and evoking activities that filled you with joy and connection. Through authenticity we are able to fulfill our true potential.

In psychotherapy working with the inner child allows us to heal the wounds of our childhood as we review memories with the knowledge and experience we have acquired as adults. Reviewing our stories of hurt and pain while having ourselves as our champions helps us understand circumstances that were difficult to comprehend as a child.

While you connect with you inner child keep in mind the difference between being childlike and childish, the task is to combine the responsibility and the cognitive abilities of adulthood with the wonder and innocence of childhood.

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