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The dynamics of change

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Change is commonly defined as the process of becoming different. And, it is closely related to the concept of transformation. Is there something in your life that you want to change? Have you made a conscious intention to change something and found yourself unable to follow through? What is it about change that it is so difficult?

First of all, change makes us uncomfortable. Trying new things or even a new way of doing things makes us feel awkward and long for our habitual response. It makes us want the comfort of feeling able and in control. Change requires that we take the risk and feel a little uncomfortable along the way.

When we change we also leave something behind, even when we are able to change undesired behavior such as smoking, this change leave us mourning for the smoker we were. It reminds us of this part of our life that we are leaving behind. Thus change comes with mourning and grief. Sometimes dealing with this sadness pulls us back to our old habit and gets in the way of our ability to change. Change requires that we move though the sadness and grief.

Finally, changing requires that we not only use our conscious volition but we also need to engage our subconscious mind in this endeavor. We need to send the message of change beyond our consciousness and to the part of our mind that places the most resistance to change. Most of our habits and beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind. The tricky part is that this requires a different process than using words and willpower. Our subconscious mind prefers images from words, and looks for experiences that come from our senses and not from our mind. So if you have read all the self-help books and still can’t move to change you might want to try to engage yourself in different experiences and activities. Deliberately engaging your body and your mind. This way we invite the resistance and internalize our ability to change. Another way to engage the subconscious mind it to try Art Therapy, in this kind of psychotherapy images precede words and all your senses will be awakened by the art materials and processes. Change requires that we engage our whole self: body and mind.

The next time you decide to change remember to choose growth and not comfort.

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